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Fellowship at the Y

1185 Schilling Blvd E, Collierville, TN 38017

Launching November 2016

For more info contact Josh at jweiss@fellowshipmemphis.org

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Our Story

Fellowship Memphis is striving to impact the world for the glory of God through equipping people to live lives that are: Gospel Centered, Pursuing Christ, Aligning Biblically, Loving Others, and Making Disciples.

Our church began as a dream in the summer of 2003. God drew together people from within Memphis and from around the country to pursue a new expression of a Biblical functioning community in the city of Memphis. The dream was a church where people from all walks of life and all seasons of life could grasp the gospel at a transformational level and could live out the gospel for the welfare of the city and God's fame among the nations. That core group begged God to gather a group that looked like Memphis with her beautiful and powerful racial, socio-economic and generational diversity.

Our church launched on November 2, 2003. Countless lives have been transformed, equipped and unleashed to live out the gospel. New chapters of our story are being written every day.