Collierville FAQs

Who is Fellowship Memphis?

When we describe Fellowship Memphis to others, we focus on three main things. We say we are a Gospel-Centered, Disciple-Making, Multi-ethnic church.

Gospel-Centered simply means that we are all about Jesus. Each week when you come to Fellowship Memphis, you will hear the message that salvation comes through Christ and Christ alone. Our only hope is not in what we can do to make ourselves right but in what Jesus Christ has done in dying for us. It’s this message that is at the center of all that we do, so you’ll hear it often.

Disciple-Making means we’re not content to just have people come and sit in the pews on Sunday. We believe that we are all ambassadors sent to live as God has called us in whatever context He has placed us. Whether it’s at work, at school or at home, all of us have been sent on mission, so we want to equip you to live as a follower of Christ in everyday life and to show you how to equip others to do the same.

Multi-ethnic is self-explanatory. From the outset of our church, we have fought to be a place a that reflected the unique diversity of the Memphis area both in our leadership and in our church family. So, when you come to Fellowship Memphis, it may be the first time that you’ve ever worshipped with people who don’t look like you, and we love it that way. Revelation 5 tells us that heaven will be made up of people from every tongue, tribe and nation. We like to think we’ve got a head start.

How did Fellowship Memphis begin?

In November 2003, our Lead Pastor John Bryson and 25 others gathered in a living room in East Memphis with only a dream and a prayer – that in the years to come God might build a church in the Memphis area that loved Jesus, preached the Bible, equipped others to live out their faith in their everyday lives, and reflected the incredible diversity of our city. Since day one, that has been the vision of Fellowship Memphis, and, by God’s grace, thirteen years and four outposts later, God has done exactly that. He has brought us all together as a family on mission where people from all different backgrounds, ethnicities and walks of life can come together as one under the banner of that which we hold most dearly: Jesus Christ.

Why did you want to launch an outpost in Collierville?

In the Fall of 2015, through a series of different events, God began to bring Collierville to the forefront of our minds, and after looking at the growing diversity of the city of Collierville and the opportunity to partner with the YMCA at Schilling Farms, we could not pass up a chance to be a part of what God is doing in this community.

What are services like?

Our services – like the people in our church – reflect a blend of different styles and backgrounds. We rotate both our worship leaders and our teaching team week to week, so that our entire church can experience the great diversity in the wirings and personalities of our leaders. However, our services themselves remain fairly simple. Each week, we will have the same basic elements: singing in worship to God, the teaching of the Bible and its impact on our lives and the taking of communion in response to and in memory what Jesus Christ did for us in His death on our behalf.

What should I wear?

At Fellowship Memphis, we keep things pretty casual, so come in whatever makes you feel most comfortable. On any given week, some people may be wearing slacks or dresses and others will be in sweats. Come as you are. You’ll fit right in.

Why do you meet in a YMCA?

In our 13-year history, Fellowship Memphis has never owned a building. Meeting in shared space is all we know. Partnering with existing organizations and getting to gather in their space on Sunday mornings helps remind us that the church is not a building but a family on mission brought together under the banner of Jesus Christ. Therefore, we get really excited about the chance to partner with and invest in a place like the YMCA of Schilling Farms.

Is there something for my kids on Sunday morning?

While everyone ages 6th grade and up worships together on Sunday mornings at Fellowship Memphis, we do have Fellowship Kids for all of our kiddos 5th grade and younger. In their Fellowship Kids classes, your children will do something similar to what we do in our Sunday morning worship service. They’ll have a large group time where they may sing songs and will be taught the Bible, and then, they’ll have small group time with other children their age where they’ll play games, do crafts and be invested in by our Fellowship Kids Team.

Josh Weiss
Collierville Outpost Pastor


Collierville Outpost

9:00 am
YMCA at Schilling Farms
1185 Schilling Blvd
Collierville, TN 38017

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