Tim Johnson

Executive Director of SPARC Partnership

Tim was born in Colorado Springs, CO into an Air Force household. He spent the first part of his life traveling the globe but most of his adolescence was spent in Mobile, AL. Mobile was home to Mt. Hebron Church Ministries, the church his father pastors and it was there where he learned his fundamental Christian values. Through a divine series of life events, the Lord Jesus captured Tim’s heart and transitioned him from being a typical religious boy in the South to someone madly in love with Jesus Christ.

Excelling in football, Tim’s talent afforded him the opportunity to be a Division I athlete at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, PA. At Bucknell, he became the leader of the school gospel choir, captain of the football team and a Bible study leader. After graduating, Tim formed a campus ministry that allowed him to faithfully disciple college students, lead worship, and preach at his local church.

After leaving Pennsylvania, he served as the Executive/Youth Pastor at his father’s church, Mt. Hebron Church Ministries. While at Mt. Hebron, Tim was able to gain valuable experience learning the ins and outs of “inner city” ministry. All of Tim’s life experiences have led him to have a heart for shepherding, with a special emphasis on the inner city and multi-ethnic contexts. Tim now resides in Memphis with his beautiful family wife, Gina, and sons, Noah, Luke and one on the way. He currently serves as the Executive Director of SPARC (Serving Planting and Revitalizing Churches).

*Tim is a part of our partnership with 2nd Presbyterian and Hope Church to plant churches in vulnerable neighborhoods in Memphis.