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About Brian Crenshaw

Brian Crenshaw is the Director of Fellowship Student Ministry (FSM). He is married to Erin and has 4 children (Austin, Olivia, Eliana, and Naomi). The Crenshaw’s were one of the original founding couples of Fellowship Memphis in 2003. Brian loves fishing, painting, baseball, family time and the beach.

“Rest”- Day 4

On Day 4...As we wrap up our look at rest, we cannot ignore personal peace comes from who we are in Jesus and that he knows us by name, calls us to be his children, sanctifies us (makes us more like him), and prepares a place for us to be with him for eternity. That is true rest.

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“Rest”- Day 3

On Day 3.. I had a conversation with a student this past year who was struggling and commented to them, "you need a Castle Byers," which we sort of both laughed at because they understood the Stranger Things reference. But this student did not have a physical place in which they could go and retreat.

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