A Theology of Meals

From: I AM: The Bread of Life
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One of the things about food, bread, or eating is that it is unbelievably individualized. If I’m hungry, you can’t eat a little extra for me and I be satisfied. If I’m in need of nutrients, you can’t wish I had more nutrients and eat extra and I benefit.

I have to do the act of putting food in my mouth for myself. Then chewing it up, swallowing it and digesting it to benefit from it.

Salvation is the same way. God has no grandchildren. He only has sons and daughters.

We can’t appropriate the faith of our parents. Or kids, friends, and family members. Maybe you’re a parent like I am and you wish you could muster enough salvation for them. If you could, you would right? You would have it so that God would save you and them.

Yet, scripture is clear here. There’s this individualization in this metaphor of bread. Anyone who looks on the son and believes has eternal life.

John 6:31-40

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