advent with fellowship kids

Advent with Fellowship Kids

By: Laura DePriest

For many of us, part of what makes the Advent season unique is traditions. Traditions allow us to remember moments of joy and gratitude, rooting us to the present by reminding us of the past. We all have Christmas traditions with family or friends, and we also have them within Fellowship Kids.

On the first two Sundays of Advent, we offer resources for families that are intended to help your children remember and understand the story of Jesus’ birth in new ways. We are offering Nativity Scene sets and Activity Pages to engage our children, and we are also offering homemade Ornament Sets that reflect the Advent candles we light each Sunday. These candles represent Hope, Peace, Joy, Love, and the Christ Candle (God With Us). We include a Post-Advent Devotional (written by our own Michelle Shafer and designed by Kelsea Walkley). These are simple activities and readings, but with some intention, these can be significant ways to engage your children in remembering and retelling the story of Jesus’ incarnation. And by doing so, reminding us of why we needed Christmas.

As we lead our children towards Jesus and walk with Him ourselves, we need traditions as reminders of the story of the gospel. We need them to remind us that God has always had a plan for our redemption, even from the foundation of the world. Our prayer this Christmas season is that all the traditions we do, big or small, would point us to the One who came not only to live with us but to save us.