Exodus Continues…

Exodus Continues…

Full Exodus Sermon Series

“And they shall know that I am the Lord their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt that I might dwell among them. I am the LORD their God.” – Exodus 29:46

When you hear “Exodus” what do you think? Burning Bushes? Red Sea Splits? Pharaohs and Slaves? Plagues, plagues, and more plagues? The book of Exodus is literally one of the most dynamic and adventuresome books in the Bible.

Exodus is an unrelenting narrative about God’s relationship with His special people, Israel, and the miraculous deliverance out of slavery on their behalf.

Sound familiar? I thought it might—in many ways, the Exodus story is a forerunner to the gospel story.

For the next several weeks we’ll be reminded that the same God who rescued the Hebrew slaves out of slavery that they might know Him fully is the same God who desires to rescue us from the slavery of our sin. And what’s more, God delivers us so that we might dwell with Him. The idea of “dwelling” is the idea of habitation. God has delivered us so that we’d be home in relationship with Him. GOOD NEWS!

This week our teaching team will introduce us to Moses and study his first encounter with the Holiness of Almighty God.

Our series, “The Gospel of Exodus: Delivered to Dwell,” continues this Sunday at all 4 outposts. Moses will learn, along with the rest of us, that God always makes the first move in our lives and as such, He deserves our worship. We can’t wait for Sunday!

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