Fellowship Communications Fall 2017 Update

Communications Update for the upcoming ministry year

We have had an incredible summer it is hard to believe that our summer is winding down. Our staff and leadership teams are working every day to get a great plan going for the next ministry year. That will start here coming up in August so we’re excited to be able to communicate a lot of that from up front.

Each Sunday in August, we will be preaching through the Book of Jonah. We will also be taking some time to cast some vision for what we call the state of the church. We’ll look back and look ahead. We’re excited about doing that, but we’ve got a lot we need to communicate with you.

There’s going to be two primary ways we do that and we need you to respond if you haven’t. First, we are going to start a weekly email. That lays out all the pertinent information you need to know. If you’ll go to our website we’ve got a temporary pop-up box and a chance to capture your email. We’ll be communicating as clearly as we can along with sending you some great resources.

If you prefer Facebook we can go that route. You can send a message to Fellowship Memphis. Simply type in “subscribe.” It’ll interact with you and we can send you that information that way as well. Then finally we will use our app. If you haven’t downloaded our app I would encourage you to do so and turn on the notifications. That’s the best way to get instant information to you.

So those are three ways that we would love to be able to communicate to you. We hope you can know what’s going on in and around Fellowship Memphis.

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