FM Summer

Fellowship Family Fun Days

Kids out of school? Looking to help them make some new friends? We have kids too and want to help make summer memorable.  That’s why we organized Family Fun Days throughout the city each week for you to spend time with your kids and have fun.

Each event will be hosted by a Fellowship staff member and may be in various locations.  However, it is not childcare.  This is a time for parents to connect and meet other parents, and kids to connect and meet other kids. So wear a #FMsummer Tee to find and connect with others.

Here are the events planned so far. 

#FMsummer T-Shirts

We love summer at Fellowship Memphis! We hope many of you get to take part in family reunions, school reunions, vacations, long weekends, summer camps and fun trips. We hope everyone gets to enjoy a change of pace.

Throughout this summer, as you are out and about with this T-Shirt on, take pictures, tag them #FMSummer and post them to your social media accounts. We love having and sharing those pictures.

The Sundays you are in town, we will have worship services at all four Outposts with pop-up parties after the services each week. It’s a great way to celebrate summer and have extra time to meet new folks.

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