FYA Welcome to Memphis Party

One of the loneliest times on earth is your first month in a new city – we all know this. One of the things we do best at Fellowship Young Adults is throwing killer parties where people connect relationally. So why not host a party for every new Young Adult in Memphis??
If you’re a new-to-Memphis Young Adult, come on out August 23rd at 6 pm to the Ping Pong building at Railgarten. We’ll provide the food so all you have to do is come meet people!. You’ll also hear about the community that’s been building at FYA.
Help us get the word out to everyone (single or married) in this new-to-the-city season of life.
Attention TFA/MTR teachers: you’ll be done early enough to go home and lesson plan (or cry about how hard teaching can be) and for those that have all the time in the world, Railgarten will be open until at least midnight – so they’re free to hang out as late as they want.
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