God is up to something in South Africa

By: One Mokatgle

Six years ago, before we planted Rooted Fellowship, I was thinking about what kind of church do we want to see in Pretoria, South Africa. We believed that God was calling us to a Gospel-Centered, Disciple-Making, Multi-Ethnic church. A diverse church. What we call transcultural.

What does that mean? It simply means a view of the community that reflects, embraces, and enjoys the diversity of its context and, by the power of the Gospel, transcends it to create one new community.

You know what that means here at Fellowship Memphis because you are living that.

And as I was learning from you 6 years ago, online on my laptop. I was trying to see what God was doing in your community, and it blessed my team and me so richly. So I am thankful for all that you are doing.

One Mokatgle at Rooted Fellowship in Pretoria, South Africa

There are many ways you all can be praying for us. We are thinking about multiplying. It’s crazy, only turning 4 years old, but still multiplying!

You could be praying for us that God would give us all that we need as we train, equip, and send out 2 churches next year and then an additional 1 in 2021.

There are lots still do, so please continue to be in prayer for us as we truly seek to reflect God’s kingdom all over this globe.