Kyle and Marci Pruzina – Fellowship’s Newest Worship Leaders

Awesome worship this morning led by @kylepruzina and @marcicolemanmusic #worship #jesus

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Meet Marci and Kyle

Marci and Kyle will be leading worship together as a husband and wife so duo at all 4 of our outposts.

Marci has served on the Fellowship worship team for a little over a year now. where Kyle was previously serving at Union Avenue Baptist Church for a 3 year period.

Now they are coming together as a team to say that Fellowship Memphis is where they feel led to serve. They will use their gifts to lead worship and be involved in the most multi-ethnic and diverse church in Memphis.

Kyle and Marci are both graduates of Visible Music College in downtown Memphis. They are pursuing careers in the music industry along with pursuing their duo project called “Suitcase Souls”. Kyle and Marci hope to be vessels for the Kingdom that can heal and reach people from every walk of life with music as their tool.

As creatives, they love to write, worship and perform. They are excited to be apart of the Memphis music scene and even more excited to be apart of a church that supports and embraces the true identity of Memphis- a city of culture, pride, and grind. They are excited to see the growth and expanse of the church through the gospel-centered teachings and outreach for the city of Memphis.

“This place is so unique and truly represents what the church should be, and can be. It’s truly an honor to be apart of this beautiful picture of the family of God where people from all cultures and backgrounds come in to worship the same God. It doesn’t matter what song or what style we’re singing- we’re truly here to just worship God and to dwell in His presence as one body.”

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