New Sermon Series on Ruth

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FM Ruth Sermon Series

New Sermon Series on Ruth

For the next few weeks, we will be studying the life and book of Ruth. Ruth is David’s great-grandmother and in the lineage of Jesus. The book of Ruth is a powerful story of redemption. This story shows us a powerful, personal and providential God moving in and through the mundane and tragic to weave together a beautiful tapestry in the lives of His children.

dna groups

October DNA Groups for Newcomers to Fellowship Memphis

When: Sunday evenings October 14 from 5 to 7 pm

Are you a newcomer to Fellowship Memphis? Our DNA Groups are for you. Led by our Pastors and staff, DNA groups will help you learn more about who we are as a church and help you connect with other newcomers to our church.

DNA Groups will begin on Sunday, October 14 from 5 to 7pm and meet for four weeks. Dinner and childcare are included for each gathering. Sign up online at

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our story understood

Our Story: Understood (Race Equipping Part 2)

Taught by Pastor Jason Cook. This 4-week dive into culture will seek to understand the cultural tools we use to understand the world. If culture is an iceberg, our conversations surrounding racial issues most often only address the tip. This class will use the historical and biblical foundation of Our Story Together to explore the underbelly of culture and how it drives our action or inaction in the face of injustice. Sign up online at

Men’s Equipping Class – Seasons of a Man’s Life

Friday mornings, April 27 and May 4 (2 Weeks). 6 to 7 am. Breakfast provided.

Location: FM Offices, 68 S. Prescott St., Suite 301, Memphis, TN 38111.

Life for a man is not a simple, singular path. It is a series of back to back to back seasons of life which differ along the way. Come learn how to transition well through the different seasons of a man’s life. We will also explore the value of ceremony and rites of passage in the life of a man. Taught by Pastors John Bryson, Brian Crenshaw and Brian McCurry.

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