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“Not Enough” is Enough

By: Jason Cook

What if I told you that your best was not enough and that you are not enough? I’ve counseled enough people through the years to know that the terror of either of those realizations warns of deep hurt.

To ponder that our best is never enough or that we are insufficient to meet the full range of needs of those around us may even lead to despair. As much as we do not want it to be true and try to keep it all together to prove that we are enough, it is true.

I was recently re-reading Brene Brown’s book “Braving the Wilderness,” and she reminded me that most people on most days are doing the best they can to fulfill their responsibilities. Most days, we are doing the best that we can as siblings, parents, employees, and friends. And even our best is not enough.

But there is good news.

What if I told you the reality that your best will never be enough and that you will never be enough is actually the best news you could ever hear? Furthermore, not only is this news good, but there is freedom on the other side of this.

There is freedom in confronting where we are lacking, facing our failures, and receiving the love and grace of God in Christ. Doing so in such a way that freedom is the result, not the never-ending and impotent cycle of self-loathing and works driven efforts at absolution.

This Sunday, we will dive deeper into why the doctrine of Justification is the best news for Christians and how it frees us to love and serve God. And the cherry on top is that it frees us up to love ourselves and those around us deeper and more richly.