Obscurity. Solitude. Discomfort. Time.

From: The Gospel of Exodus – Wilderness
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I thought I had everything figured out by the end of my junior year of college. I had everything planned out up until I was a 40 year old. I was going to guide my future.

I was finishing up at Asbury College and was gonna go to the University of Kentucky law school. I was gonna stay an extra year and get an MBA. Though I had no idea what a lawyer did… but it sounded successful. I heading into my senior year, suddenly this girl breaks up with me. (Which is a part of every man’s testimony.)

The year did not turn out like I thought it would. I wanted to have a great senior year of baseball. We went 0-38. Let that sink in. We lost 38 straight baseball games.

We were already awful. Now we got scheduled for every homecoming. Every time we had an away game, that school was celebrating something. 0-38. That will crush anyone to their knees to cry out to God.

In that time I met a guy named Tommy Nelson. I wasn’t sure what I want to do with my life. He said, “move to Denton, Texas and I’ll teach you Bible then you can make all your big decisions.” And I thought “Yes, I need to learn from an older godly man.” I need to learn my Bible. I need to figure out life because I thought I had a plan and none of it is coming to fruition.

I drove across Arkansas bawling like a baby as I went. I felt like every mile marker God was breaking down my idols. I liked being in a place where I was kind of known. I liked being president of the FCA. I liked having friends. I liked telling people I was going to law school. And I liked telling people I was a college baseball player.

All of that was stripped away.

I remember I showed up in Denton, Texas and its 140ยบ and I met Tommy and I was like Lord what have I done. This is the worst mistake of my life.

Then I had to go get a job. I was chopping up vegetables at this little restaurant. I was learning to do my work unto the Lord. I was working and learning to be faithful in the little things. I remember thinking “What am I doing?”

If social media existed then I would have short-circuited God’s development of me. I would have been looking and comparing my life to theirs. I was chopping vegetables. And everybody else’s life was going to grad school or starting cool jobs or buying a car.

I would have short-circuited the gift of mundaneness. And this comfort and the gift of learning to exist and be faithful in the midst of obscurity.

Obscurity. Solitude. Discomfort. Time.

These are tools God uses tools to sanctify us. To ready us. To prepare us. Remember, Moses was in the wilderness 40 years before God and a burning bush ever shows up.

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