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Railgarten Party postponed until NEXT MONDAY 11/19

Well…it’s become clear that the Lord thinks that 3 parties over 6 days is too spread out. So we’re going to move tomorrow night’s Railgarten party to NEXT MONDAY and do 3 parties in 4 days!!

Let us explain: Railgarten is mostly outside. Being outside tomorrow evening would not be very fun. Being outside NEXT Monday night looks REALLY fun! 10 out of 10 weather apps say tomorrow night is not built for outside parties. Of course we could all squeeze into their indoor space but unless we want to violate fire code and ensure you won’t be able to move at all the entire night, it’s probably best to delay one week.

We understand this may knock some out from being able to come but maybe now a few more will be able to come that couldn’t come to the originally scheduled date.

So help us spread the word that next weekend has just turned into the most epic weekend in Fellowship history!