Sojo Is Amazing At This

By: John Bryson

At Fellowship Collierville, which meets at the Y at Schilling Farms, our team began to notice the same answer to the question “How did you find out about Fellowship?” over and over and over again…“Sojo”!

What we kept hearing was some version of “Sojo invited me” or “I do Crossfit with Sojo” or “I met Sojo at Kroger and she told me about it”.

I jumped at the chance to interview Sojo on stage a few weeks ago with the hope that she might inspire us all to recognize a power we all possess…the power of an invitation.

Regardless of where and how our culture shifts, the truth still remains that most people will check out a church when personally invited.

In our interview, I asked Sojo what motivated her to extend these invites. She spoke about her love for Jesus. She told us about her love for Fellowship. She mentioned her desire for her friends to find a spiritual community. And while extending an invite can feel really vulnerable at times, she also shared how many people have taken her up on her invitation and many have found a new home in our church.

I believe that it is no accident where God has placed us. Our neighborhood, our favorite hang out spots, conversations with parents of the kids our kids go to school with, places we shop and work are all potential spheres of influence.

What if we all began to think like missionaries and began praying for those people in our spheres of influence and simply invited them to church? God may do “exceedingly, abundantly more than we could ever ask or imagine.”

Who is God laying on your heart that is currently in your life that might be grateful to you and your initiative for eternity, if you simply invited them to come to Fellowship with you?

Sojo Alex is a foodservice consultant with Envision Strategies where she helps with strategic planning and operations consulting for foodservice on university and corporate campuses around the country. She is married to Finny and they have two kids, Akash (9) and Diya (4).