State of the Church Week 2

Reflecting on the Last Ministry Year

When I reflect on last year I can’t help but think about that Sunday morning moment. We as this gospel centered, multi-ethnic, disciple-making church body come together to make much of Jesus. I’m thinking particularly about all that the Holy Spirit did with leading us through the scriptures.

Thinking about the series of Galatians where we just kind of emphatically declared there’s No Other Gospel. We worked for weeks and weeks just pressing the gospel deeper and deeper into our lives. We did a series within that series entitled In Step where we just talked about the person and the work of the Holy Spirit. I know that really moved me and shaped me profoundly.

We also took a time to respond to felt needs in our body. We did a series entitled Anchored. We talked about navigating the storms of life and we explored the why of suffering and then what to do with suffering. Also, what it looks like to make Jesus look good in seasons when I’m not feeling good. I just remember letter after letter, email after email of folks responding to how awesome it was to just explore that together as a body.

When I think about last year, I think about those moments where that Sunday magic that is Fellowship Memphis continues to be just that.

We spent a lot of time last year dreaming big about the residency. I remember me and JB sitting down with pastor Josh Weiss and saying to Josh “Dream. “Just see what God can do here.” Before we knew it, Josh had a new vision. And how we could kind of explore avenues of growth.

A few months later I’m now looking at six pastoral residents, the most we’ve ever had at one time. They are all pursuing graduate level education. We are engaging them to prepare them for future lanes of pastoral ministry. I am so proud of our body rallying behind the pastoral residency. It remains in my mind the best thing we do and we do a lot of good things. But the residency is still one of the best.

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