The Christian life is a learning life

By: Claude Atcho

The Christian life is a learning life. When Christ becomes our Savior, he also becomes our Teacher as we become his disciples—learners—who are taught and formed by him and his lordship over our lives.

To help this sink in, put yourself in the sandals of the early disciples. After being called to follow Jesus, they submitted their lives, their knowledge, and their understanding to the instruction of Jesus, their Lord, Savior, and Teacher.

Jesus taught them how to pray and they learned (Matt. 6:5). Jesus corrected the ways they imbibed worldly ideology and they learned (Matt. 20:25-28). Jesus challenged their ethnocentrism and they learned (Matt. 9:10-13).

Where the disciples embraced the gospel identity of learners, with a posture of humility, they gradually grew in Christian maturity. The same is true for us. Are we willing to admit there is much for us to learn about what it means to faithfully know and follow Christ? Are we eager to learn more of Christ, more of his Word that we might live for His kingdom in greater joy and obedience?

There is good news alongside these rhetorical questions: By God’s grace, Christ meets us in His Word, by His Spirit, and through His Church to help us grow as humble, eager life-long learners. Together, we unlearn the warped ways of the world, and we learn again and again the ways of Christ under the Word as rescued disciples who are being renewed in our minds and our hearts (Rom. 12:2).

This Sunday, we’ll explore what it means in detail for us to walk in our gospel identity as learners.