The Church is a Family

By: Claude Atcho

The church is a family. I bet we’ve all heard that said countless times — but it doesn’t make it any less true. The church is a family because in Christ, we are adopted into God’s family.

Because of our common salvation and shared spiritual adoption, we look at one another as spiritual siblings to know, love, and serve because that is what we are: God’s family. As wonderful as these truths are, fleshing out the church as family in real time can be tricky.

For instance, how does our understanding of being members of the Family of God affect the way we handle conflict? How does it compel us towards loving one another? Can we be a daughter or son of God and live out this identity in isolation? What difference does it make if I’m actually a member of the local church?

We look forward to tackling these questions this Sunday at worship when we focus on our identity as members of God’s family.