Understanding Worship

By: Claude Atcho

We are made to worship. We all give our lives to something—and if it is the wrong thing, in time, we reap what we sow. Sin, in its essence, is worshipping the wrong thing.

This often includes turning good things into ultimate things and, in effect, worshipping the creation instead of the Creator. And yet because of God’s rescue of us in Jesus, we as believers have a new posture: we now live as worshippers of the One worthy of being the central reality and object of our life’s direction and affections.

Instead of turning good things into God things, because we are new creations (2 Cor. 5:17), we strive to worship Jesus and enjoy all of life out of a posture of worship to Him. Worship is the thrill of living all of life in allegiance and reference to Christ instead of ourselves or our the most alluring idol–money, reputation, power, or control. This means there is immense freedom in directing our hearts and our lives in worship to Jesus.

God designed us to enjoy and flourish as we worship Him through His Son.Not only that, but because God loves us, we want to say “thank you”. When you are a not-so-good person who has been rescued by Jesus, you want to get to know the One who rescued you. In a way, worship is living lives that say “thank you” to Jesus.

That’s what the church does: we are worshippers because God is glorious, and He loved and loves us.

Our worship as the church displays a message to the world. It’s a message that serves as an invitation to know the one true God worthy of our worship…worship that flows from both our lips and our lives.