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DNA Lunches for Newcomers to Fellowship

Are you a newcomer to Fellowship Memphis? Our DNA Lunches are for you. DNA lunches will help you learn more about who we are as a church and how you can begin living out the values that we are most passionate about. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other newcomers to Fellowship.

DNA Lunches are led by our staff and hosted at our Outposts on two Sundays – April 28 and May 5. Lunch and childcare are included for each gathering. Sign up online at: fellowshipmemphis.org/dna

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Episode 22 – This Week at Fellowship 

Easter is 3 weeks away! Baptism opportunities, DNA groups and lots of other things happening this month.

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The Enneagram Series: 8

In this new mini-series on the Enneagram, Katie Moore sits down with Tona Ottinger to talk with her about navigating the tricky waters of being an Enneagram eight. Tona talks to us about her strength, her call from the Lord for more, the importance of desert experiences in her walk with God, and how the enneagram has helped her mothering, her marriage and her life.

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Baptisms @ All Outposts – Easter Sunday

If you have been waiting to be baptized, now is your opportunity.  Click here to begin the process.

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