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fsm extravaganza


FSM is having an END of the SUMMER EXTRAVAGANZA! We want to celebrate the amazing summer we have had and launch our students into a great school year. This incredible experience will be July 31st–>August 1st and it is for all 6th-12th graders. We will also have a vision casting meeting for student’s parents on July 31st. For more info and to register, head over to fmstudent.org

New Fellowship Kids Curriculum

Beginning August 4, Fellowship Kids at all outposts will begin using a new teaching curriculum called The Gospel Project. This curriculum teaches our kids that at the center of the Bible is the true hero: our Savior, Jesus Christ, and that changes everything. For more information, ask our kids staff team, or visit gospelproject.com.


Memphis Union Mission – July 30th

Fellowship will be serving at the Memphis Union Mission on Tuesday, July 30 at 6 pm. We are looking forward to this great opportunity and would love to have you and your families join us! We will begin preparing and cooking the meal at 3:30 pm, for those of you that are available to help with this portion. If you would like to help us serve the food you can arrive at 4:45 pm. Of course, you are welcome to experience it all! Hope to see you there!

Latest at Fellowship Logo

The Latest at Fellowship in 7 minutes

Hosted by lead pastor John Bryson, this podcast exists to bring you the latest information on all things happening in and around Fellowship Memphis. Check out the latest episode where Pastor John Bryson goes into the details of how we communicate as a multi-site/multi-generational church. Available wherever you listen to podcasts.

The Table – Wadzie is getting her PhD!!

Check out the latest episode where Pastor John Bryson sits down with Resident Wadzie Chikungwa to discuss her next steps towards a PhD at Viola and her topic of research: mental health.

Imagine all of the various interesting ideas and topics that get discussed around a coffee or dinner table and you get the idea of our podcast “The Table.” We come to The Table to listen to, learn from, and be inspired by interesting ideas and interesting people.

DNA Groups for Newcomers

Are you a newcomer to Fellowship Memphis? Our DNA Groups are for you. DNA groups are six-week groups hosted on Sunday nights from 5 to 7pm beginning September 8. These groups will help you learn more about who we are as a church and how you can begin living out the values that we are most passionate about. You will also have the opportunity to connect with other newcomers to Fellowship. Groups are led by our staff and other church leaders. Dinner and childcare are included at each group gathering.

Groups are led by our staff and other church leaders. Dinner and childcare are included at each group gathering.

Sign up and find more info online at fellowshipmemphis.org/dna

growth groups

Recruiting Fall Group Leaders

We are recruiting new leaders for the fall to lead Men’s, Women’s, and Co-ed groups throughout the city. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, we will host an info meeting on Monday night, 7/29 at 7pm at our Church Office. Please contact Brian McCurry with any questions and to RSVP to attend at [email protected].

Serve Teams

Join a Serve Team!

Summer is truly one of the BEST times to join a serve team. It’s hard to believe that August is just weeks away and all of our serve teams are open to join. If you have a heart for kids, production, hospitality, or service, there’s a serve team open for you to serve your outpost in a BIG way. We strongly believe that our serve teams are the MOST important factor contributing to a Sunday morning experience. Join the collective mission to launch Fellowship stronger than ever into the Fall Semester! Join today!

Automated Online Giving

We can’t thank you enough for your continued participation in the mission of Fellowship Memphis through serving, giving, and worshipping. Occasionally we like to give a heads up that your financial contributions to Fellowship can be automated through our website.

These donations can be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annually to customize it to suit your schedules and preferences. To set up automated giving, click here.

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