The World Is Not Full Of Worshipers And Non-Worshipers

From Jonah: Repentance
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This all starts with the fact that all of us are worshiping. The world is not full of worshipers and non-worshipers. It’s not like it’s us worshipers here in church this morning and the non-worshipers are out there at the lake. Everyone worships. The only distinction in our worship is the object of our worship. We need to do the deep work to understand how idols work. Underneath that deep work there is going to be approval… going to be control… gonna be some kind of affirmation identity.

Jesus provides all of that. Jesus has everything in control. Jesus says I am His. That’s the only identity I need. I have perfect security and peace with Him.

But I tend to forget that and go looking for that in myself.

I have plenty of struggles. Anger is usually not one of them. But what I know about anger is when I pop off in anger I can’t only confess my anger. If you look behind anger you’re going to find fear. You’re scared of something. Fear is what drives anger. Then you look behind fear and it’s actually control. I want to control things so I don’t have to be scared.

When I feel out of control and I pop off in anger it’s because I’m struggling with fear and control.

It even gets darker. Behind control, you’re gonna find that I want to be God. I don’t want God to be God. I want to be God. I wanna be able to guide my own life. So I’m blasphemous. My anger, yes, that’s good to confess. But as a repenter, I need to do the hard work. I need to say “Lord I confess my fear. I confess my desire to control. and I confess my desire to have your job.”

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