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Race Equipping Class: Our Story Together

Sunday Nights, January 7 to February 11 (6 weeks). 5 to 7pm.

Location: FM East Memphis Outpost, Harding Academy Auditorium, 1100 Cherry Rd, Memphis, TN 38117.

Being a part of a multi-ethnic church that sees racial reconciliation as a gospel issue means that there will be some who will feel us pushing too hard when it comes to race and the gospel. We believe that reconciliation is a biblical word and racial reconciliation is a gospel issue. We are excited about this course because it will not seek to make everyone experts on race in six weeks. That would be unreasonable. But we do want to equip you to think holistically about race regardless of your culture or ethnicity.

Over the next year, we will be diving into three classes that make up one course. Each class will be offered twice during each semester.

Class #1: Our Story Together, will focus on a theological and historical understanding of race in America.

Class #2: Will center on cultural training seeking to answer this question: How do we cultivate relationships with those who are different from us?

Class #3: A group study that will serve as a workshop where you will employ what you’ve learned through the first two classes. Through this process we hope to equip you with the tools of common language, historical understanding, and theological framework for engaging in God honoring dialogue surrounding race and reconciliation.

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