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Fellowship Family Ministry Guide

Setting Our Sights

2020. What a whirlwind. We probably all started last year with plans and dreams and goals. 3 months into the year, it all came to a screeching halt. We were forced to regroup and reprioritize all of those plans and dreams and goals.

Now we can look back, remember, and learn from it. We can use the past to help us look to the future as we turn the page on a new calendar year.

On the first Sunday of Advent, Pastor Josh Weiss shared a biblical definition of hope for us. Hope does not only look forward, but it is a confident expectation for the future based on events of the past. God is not bound by time, therefore hope in him should look forward as well as looking back in remembrance to reflect his limitless character. Our hope comes from the Lord. Every other thing will fail to meet our expectations and satisfaction.

The calendar is not where we place our hope. Seasons change, people change, circumstances change, but God is faithful. He is an unwavering and unchanging anchor for our souls. We can be thankful for a new year, but hopeful in Christ.

We would love for you to take some time to dream and plan with your friends and family about the possibilities for 2021. Maybe you could make a big poster board and have each family member put something on the list.

Do you want to be more intentional with your prayers or with ministry opportunities, missions involvement, fun family outings or even weekly dinners? Dream together and plan together. Call it a bucket list or call it goals, but take some time to connect with your people and set your sights on the grace of God to allow us new mercies for a new year.