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This Sunday

Jesus and storms mark 4

This Sunday – Mark 4:35-41

Join us this Sunday at 11 am for online worship. Together, we will look into a scary night for the disciples. We will see that Jesus actually uses the storm to spiritually form his followers.

Additionally, after the time of worship, join a Zoom hangout with your Outpost by clicking on the link that’s designated for your outpost. Remember to check your email on Sunday morning to receive the link for the live feed and the link for your Outpost’s zoom call.

We are excited to worship with you all and to see you afterwards on the Zoom calls!  You can use the links above to all of our platforms that will be streaming the 11am worship service.

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Family Resources

During this time, Fellowship Kids wants to equip you as parents to spend intentional time with your children, connecting with them and teaching them the truths of God’s Word. We have put together resources for your family, should you like to continue their Fellowship Kids lessons at home, as well as some ideas of ways you can maximize the time you are spending at home with your family.

We encourage you to use these outside of Sunday mornings, at a time when you need and want something intentional to do with your kids. Refer to the document titled “Israel’s Unfaithfulness Lesson Guide” to guide you through lesson, referencing the other resources that are provided in the folder for you.

We are also providing a Sunday Sermon Packet that you can print for your kids to work on while they listen to the sermon alongside you this Sunday morning.

Family Resources

facebook devos

Afternoon Devotionals – Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 1pm

Starting this Monday, March 29th, Pastors John Bryson, Jason Cook, and Claude Atcho will be streaming on Facebook Live at 1pm. We are excited about the opportunity to take a moment in the middle of the day and hit the pause button and dig into God’s word. So join us on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays as we take time to reflect on God’s faithfulness in the midst of uncertainty.

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Ways to Give

One concern that Pastor JB has shared is that normally 35-40% of our giving is done on Sunday during our normal offering time. Our hope is to make giving to the mission of your Fellowship family easier than ever. To do so, here is a quick reminder of the various ways you can contribute.

The quickest and easiest way to give online is at These donations can be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even annually to customize it to suit your schedules and preferences.

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