Aaliyah Nicholson

Missions Coordinator

Aaliyah is a Nashville native but moved to Memphis in 2013 to attend the University of Memphis. Growing up in the Bible belt, Aaliyah assumed she was a Christian all her life. But, throughout high school, she questioned if God was real, and lived a double life among her friends and family. But God knew what He was doing when He brought Aaliyah to Memphis and saved her freshman year at the 901 Retreat hosted by Campus Outreach Ministries. Because of young, faithful, Christian women in her life and the grace of God, Aaliyah began to grow in her faith. She was a Resident Advisor on the UofM campus and became more involved in Campus Outreach sharing the Gospel, and participating in summer projects.

On a summer project to Johannesburg, South Africa is when her passion for overseas missions began to grow. The next year she volunteered with Operation Broken Silence, and World Relief Memphis because of her heart for overseas missions, and intercultural relations. Aaliyah has been attending fellowship for four years and joined the Residency team in August of 2017. She decided to pursue the Residency at Fellowship to explore her passions, strengths, and future vision while learning and growing with the local church.