Kayla Thompson

Student Ministry Director

Kayla Thompson came to Fellowship Memphis after graduating from Murray State University in 2018 with a degree in Public Relations. After coming to know Christ her freshman year of college through Campus Outreach (CO), she continued to be involved with the ministry during her time at Murray State through summer projects, small groups, leadership conferences, and weekly meetings.

Beyond her involvement with CO, Kayla also spent her college years serving with a Denver-based organization called Dare 2 Share whose mission is to train and equip middle and high-school students on how to share the gospel and live out their faith in their contexts.

The Lord used both of those experiences to fuel within her the desire and passion for student ministry that brought her to Fellowship Memphis. She’s excited to work with FSM because middle and high school is such an influential time in the life of a student as they are being pulled in every direction by the world, their peers and the media. Through FSM, she is able to build relationships with these students and help them grow in their relationship with Christ as they learn to make their faith their own.

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