Shelley Arnsman

Student Ministry Director

Shelley Arnsman graduated from the University of Missouri in 2010 with a degree in Business Administration and immediately planted herself in the non-profit and ministry community of Memphis.

Over the last decade, she has deeply invested in a number of organizations across the city, including serving three summers with local community development ministry Service Over Self where she also completed the SOS Academy program, participating in the Downline Emerging Leaders program and working with Eikon Ministries.

In 2012, Shelley began her time on staff at Fellowship Memphis as Team Coordinator for our Downtown Outpost, and then, in 2014, she stepped onto our student ministry team where she has served faithfully over the past five years.

Shelley loves that FSM brings together students from over 40 different schools to grow in Christ and their understanding of the Bible and to learn to be world changers for the Gospel.

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