Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson

Pastoral Resident

Tyler was born and raised by loving parents in Lumberton, Texas. Early on, his life was really only about three things: sports, social status, and girls. He knew all about Christ, and what He did on the cross, but knew nothing of a personal relationship. So, instead of seeking to know Him as Lord, Tyler spent the first 20 years of his life pursuing the desires of his own heart. At the end of 2010, an injury to his arm made him question why he was living because he wasn’t able to throw a baseball well anymore.

By God’s grace, a school in Cookeville, Tennessee by the name of Tennessee Tech took a chance on a pitcher with a bum arm, and within a couple of weeks of stepping foot on campus, the Team Chaplain named Mason Leaf began sharing with Tyler about what it really looks like to follow Christ and the real reason he is living. In the Fall of 2011, he fully surrendered to the One who gave it all, and God has radically changed all that is in him.

A year later, he met the most beautiful person inside and out that he has ever seen, and they married in the Fall of 2014.

Upon graduating from Tech in 2013, Tyler started working for Campus Outreach on the college campus, and in the Spring of 2015, he and his wife, Erin, moved to Memphis due to a deep passion to see the city, communities within it, and families changed by the Gospel through the local church. He is currently going through Downline, and can’t wait to see how he grows and learns through this Pastoral Residency.

Oh, and go Grizz!