Fellowship Associates and Fellowship Memphis

For the last 13 years, we’ve been able to play a part in mentoring 6-8 church planters who do this year-long residency every year. All over the globe from Dubai to China to Hong Kong to Honduras to cities all over America, you’ve played a part in helping churches get planted by allowing us to mentor them by allowing them to come to Memphis, learn from our church and allow us to pass on lessons learned.

So it’s super exciting to think that every year we get to be a part of eight new church plants. We get to share lessons with them that people we’ll never meet this side of heaven and maybe in places will never go will benefit from the lessons learned from Fellowship Memphis. So we always want to be white hot when it comes to church planting. Church planting was so normative in the book of Acts and this is one way that we do that.  So thank you for who you are as the church and thank you for sharing the value of church planting with us.

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