September 24th 2017 Worship Guide

If you’re an artist at Fellowship, we need you!

We are asking artists to help support a series we are preaching later in the year on the seven “I AM” statements used to describe Jesus in the Gospel of John.

New ACRE Podcast Episode

You’re going to want to hear this Germantown Outpost Member Mark Van Leit’s story…we promise.

Listen to Week 2 with Nancy Holcomb

Want a great chance to connect and grow with other Fellowship Memphis Ladies? Join Nancy Holcomb as she leads our class to learn how to better discern God’s voice. There will be 4 sessions on Tuesday mornings 9 am to 11 am starting Starting September 12th. Sign up here.

Fellowship is launching tutoring assistance with Downtown Elementary School

Tutoring provides one on one focus with specific reading skills and assistance in reading comprehension. The time commitment is one day a week for 30 minutes, MondayThursday, 9am-2pm. Email Hassan Saleem for more details.

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