October 8th 2017 Worship Guide

#Repost @fellowshipyoungadults ・・・ What a beautiful night. Honored to be a part of a community choosing to be emulsified!

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Our 5th-grade ministry “Base Camp” is the bridge between Fellowship Kids and FSM. The first gathering will be on Oct. 18 from 6-730pm at the church offices. This is a 9-month process for parents and students to grow in their understanding of foundational Christian beliefs and also connect with other 5th graders and families within our church.

Lindsey Ferrell on Entrepreneurship
Season Finale of ACRE Podcast Episode

Lindsey Ferrell, the owner of Ryan & Rose, discusses how her faith in God permeates everything she does as a business owner.

Week 4 with Nancy Holcomb

Finishing strong with the final week of Nancy’s class. Listen to Nancy Holcomb as she leads our class to learn how to better discern God’s voice.

Singers Wanted!

If you like to sing then we’d love for you to consider joining our singing team. We need singers for every outpost.

If you’re an artist at Fellowship, we need you!

We are asking artists to help support a series we are preaching later in the year on the seven “I AM” statements used to describe Jesus in the Gospel of John.

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